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Athletics Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What sports does OLG offer?
A - Girls Volleyball, Co-ed Soccer, Co-ed Cross Country as fall sports, Girls and Boys Basketball as winter sports, Co-ed Track and Field and Boys Volleyball as spring sports.

Q- Can kids play more than one sport in a season?
A - That one's tricky, for the fall, girls can only play soccer or volleyball, but kids who play soccer or volleyball can also participate in Cross Country.  For winter sports there are no conflicts.  For the spring sports, boys who particpate in Boys Volleyball can participate in Track and Field.

Q - How much does it cost to play per child?
A. - Fall sports (Volleyball & Soccer) cost $55 per child, Cross Country costs $30.  Winter sports (Girls and Boys basketball) costs $65. Spring sports (Track and Field) cost $25 in 2017 but is going up to $30 in 2018.

Q- Are there any discounts?
A - Glad you asked.  There certainly are.  We offer a sibling discount for additonal kids after 1 who participates in a single season, for each additional kid, there's a $5 discount.  There are also coaching discounts. For a Head Coach, the discount is $20, for an Assistant Coach the discount is $10.  Returning Head Coaches get 1st preference on the HC discount.  There can be a total of 3 coaches on a teams staff eligible to recieve the discount and finally all coaches must have completed all of their requirements in order to recieve the discount.  If coaches do not meet the coaching requirements or if the maximum number of discounts have been reached, they will be billed for the balance of the payment.

Q- What if I sign up for a fall sport before school lets out for the summer, but my kid decides not to play, do I get a refund?
A - Yes you do. As long as you let the Athletic director know that you child will not be playing by August 1st.  After August 1st it will be up to the Athletic Director to determine if a refund is possible, after August 15th, there will be no refund since rosters are due into CYO by August 15th and need to be final.

Q - What are the parents responsibilities?
A - At the beginning of the season, the coach should schedule a "pre-season meeting" with parents to explain expectations and needs.  Parents are given every opportunity to coach, if they choose not to coach, they should be supportive of the coaching staff and their methods of training.  Parents are expected to show good sportsmanship in the face of adversity and show full support for our OLG Knights.  During the volleyball season, one parent per game is expected to serve as an impartial line judge along with a parent of our opponent.  Parents must make every effort to ensure that their kids attend every practice and game.

Q - I want to Coach, what do I need?
A - Thanks for your interest in coaching.  All coaches must be Virtus trained, All coaches must have a completed Coaches Registration form on file with the AD.  All Coaches must have a Code of Conduct form on file with the AD.  All coaches must complete an online concussion course every two years and supply the Athletic Director a copy of the completed certificate.

Q- I completed a concussion training course through NWISL, can that certificate be used to satisfy the CYO requirement?
A - Yes it can as long as it was taken within the past 2 years. Either the NFHS course or the "Heads Up" course are acceptable.

Q- I want to help the team, but I don't want to coach, can I help in other ways?
A - Yes, if your computer saavy, you can be a team website page administrator.  You'd be responsible for adding team information onto the website.  There's no discount for this position, but you could earn 2 service hours per sport, per season.

Q- I'm not an athlete or I don't know much about the sport, can I still coach?
A- Absoutely!  Most of our coaches are not professional athletes, there are many, many resources available for coaches on the internet, the library and from other coaches.  Some coaches schedule practice times with other, more experienced teams in order to gain some knowledge. You'd be suprised by how much you can learn by coaching.

Q - Are treats required at practices or games?
A - They are not required, but teams may develop their own "treat schedule" if they so choose.